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Vulvarock from Vienna
Since 2019

Vulvarine is a five-piece rock gang from Vienna, Austria. ‘Vulvarock’ is a unique term to describe the band’s sound: raw punk meets heavy metal and high energy rock ‘n’ roll. The songs are energetic, dramatic, but most of all: empowering. They tell of parties, intoxication, and harassment. Of lovers, myths, and magic; of power and powerlessness. Vulvarine’s music uncovers the blacks, whites, and greys of life, while never taking it all too seriously.

Driven by a strong desire to raise the amount of FLINTA* in the rock scene, Vulvarine situate themselves as an anchor with distinct feminist values. Being inspired by women, and inspiring other women to live up to their full artistic potential is one of the band’s foremost goals. Heavily influenced by the Riot Grrrl mindset, their message is clear: Grab your guitar and make some noise, girl!

In 2020, they released their debut album ’Unleashed’. Their latest EP ’Witches Brew’ will be available on 20/10/2023.

Since then, they have been supporting bands like Thundermother (SWE), The Baboon Show (SWE), Exciter (CAN), and The Bar Stool Preachers (UK). Vulvarine currently play national and international club and festival stages all around Europe. 

Who we are

Meet the Band

Suzy Q


Sandy Dee

Rhythm Guitar

Robin Redbreast


Bea Heartbeat


Stasha Shred

Lead Guitar